Eat, drink and party as the Romans do.

We’re psyched to invite you to a fraschetta-inspired evening with Katie Parla, Rome-based food and beverage educator, journalist, and dear friend of ours. 

Fraschette - rural taverns that populate the hillside towns southeast of the Italian capital - are a favorite escape among Romans, who flock to them in the summertime to beat the city heat and enjoy copious amounts of local wine paired with rustic food (think: Porchetta, cured meats, hunks of pecorino, crusty bread… you get the great idea). 

Though traditionally located in the towns near Rome collectively called the Castelli Romani, for one night only you’ll find one in Popina’s backyard.

The menu (sneak peek below) will feature fraschetta favorites - infused with local ingredients. 

Beverage selections will be provided by some of our favorite local partners to include LIC Beer Project, Red Hook Winery and Forthave Spirits.

Menu sneak peek:

Tickets are $45 (food only, inclusive of gratuity)

Beverage is charged on consumption or guests may prepay $20 for an all-you-can-drink beverage package.

Tickets available via Resy